What have we done in 2016?

  • We managed to host the first Fish Eagle in 3 years (previously hosted by another club) with great success.

  • Over 340 full weekend entries were received and over 400 day visitors visited our rally – we were merely planning to see 200 full weekend entries and possibly 150 day visitors.

  • We made enough money (without any significant cash sponsors) to assist the Welwitschia Phase 2 Old Age Home in Swakopmund to build a wall to ensure their security. We sponsored hampers for each and every person living there. We spend time with the elderly and even took them with the motorcycles on fun rides.

  • PLUS we raised N$20,000.00 to assist with the preparing & painting of the newly build wall

Our aim for the Fish Eagle Rally in 2017

  • We want to generate at least the interest of 500 weekend visitors.

  • We hope to see over 600 day visitors.

  • We hope to have more than 400 bikes at the rally.

  • We want to entertain the crowds with great bands from Namibia and South Africa.

  • We want to have at least N$50,000.00 available to give back to the community

What will we do with the profit we make?

  • The most important fact is that, during the year, many present and pressing needs will come to our attention. These will be the initiatives we will invest our time and money in. Our main aim will be towards the elderly of Namibia. So many other welfare organisations aim at the children and the animals but sadly, our elderly are grossly neglected.